Big Brother Is Not the Only One Listening!

What if I told you I could hear everything you were saying in your house, your car or wherever you are, and I could track your every move on my computer? What if I told you I could do all of this from miles away, not like the old listening devices where one had to be in the close vicinity of about 300 feet? What if I told you I could do all of this for free with no cost of any sophisticated equipment? Do I have your attention yet? This technology has been used by the FBI to nab criminals as reported by Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache staff writers for CNET News, on December 1, 2006, “two alleged mobsters, John Ardito and his attorney Peter Peluso, were used by the FBI to listen in on nearby conversations.” The real problem is Big brother may not be the only one listening to you. About a year ago a former employee used this technology to eavesdrop on me, he is unaware that I know what he did. This technology is a software program that uses your cell phone and can be installed in ten short minutes. The program is undetectable on the whole. It claims to be invisible. The software programs are a free download (in most cases) from the Internet and will flash the firmware’s read only memory or ROM of the cell phone. Essentially giving the cell phone new instruction allowing the would be spy, full control of your cellular phone. Changing the phone number will not help. The scary thing about this technology is the phone company as well as the police are totally clueless of it, even though it has been around for years. The software will allow the perpetrator to read your text messages, hear your every call, turn on the cells microphone when you are not using it to listen into any room or car conversation, and track your movements on their computer with the phones built-in GPS unit. Copy and paste the following you-tube link into your web browser and see what happen to this poor girl that was featured on NBC’s today show.

Ham radio operators could listen into cell phone calls by modifying their ham radios and scanners to exceed the FCC’s requirements, but this took some electrical and soldering knowledge. This type of ease dropping could not track your movement and turn on your phone to listen into conversations. The new wireless blue tooth cell phone head sets or ear pieces are very easy to compromise without having to gain physical access to your phone to install it. An informative article as well as a short video, written by Mike Celizic Aug 14, 2007 entitled, “Privacy pirates: Blue tooth’s hidden danger” is worth watching see link below:

How can tell if your phone is comprised? 1). If your phone is warm even if you have not been using it could be a sign that it was activated without your knowledge while someone listened into your conversations. 2). Another way to tell is if you notice your battery keeps draining down when you have not been using it that much. 3). If you hear a buzzing noise coming from the phone when near a speaker, this feedback may indicate it is being bugged.

What do you do Recommendations: Do not leave you phone out where anyone can get to it; this includes your kids or their friends. Do you have your phone in your purse or draw at work? Lock it in your car where so-called friends and fellow employees cannot get to it. Remember 10 short minutes can comprise your phone. The only protection against a comprised phone is to get it replaced or pull the battery out of it. Turning it off is not enough.

I talk to a lot of people that say, “I have nothing to hide”. Don’t give up your freedom it cost our fathers too much for us to have it. Knowledge is power are you listening???? THE HACKERS ARE!

Posted by Bill Conkis