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Their Service and Knowledge Sets Them Apart

I just wanted to express my thanks to Bill and Nathan for their service and technical skill. I came in to Sassy's looking for advice and for a computer store that could advise me and build a machine (PC) that would allow me to edit and create video that was fast and smooth. Bill talked to me, understood what I was looking for and with Nathan's technical skill build me a machine that does just what I asked for. No oversell, exactly what I needed even if I felt I needed more. I could not me happier with the product they created for me.
As a former small business owner I know service and knowledge is what sets you apart from other small businesses and the big box retail stores. Sassy's Computers delivers, very professorial with very quick turnaround.
Paul S. -- 3-18-2013



Integrity with Personal Customer Service

Sassy's Computers is a business that offers individual evaluation of a customer's needs and then provides products and services with their green computer!
Sulou R. -- January 26, 2013




I was pleasantly surprised when Bill Conkis the owner of Sassy's Computers told me what caused my computer to stop working, without charging me for his service. He could have simply taken the machine and did the diagnostics check and charged me. Instead he willingly explained a problem that my model machine has been experiencing over the past few years. By sharing his knowledge of my machines past history, he saved me money.
If my new machine ever needs a repair I will gladly bring it back to Sassy’s.
George B.



The Best Customer Service Ever

When my computer crashed I took it to Sassy's computers. Bill told me he could transfer the info to another hard drive for a good price but would still have a old computer just a new hard drive. He showed me a new Green Computer,It was small and no fan or tall tower,CD and DVD buner so I bought one and I am glad I did !!!!Bill loaded all my info onto the new computer and got it ready for me to take home.I had a few problems getting to some of my files so I took it back to Sassy"s computers The next day and Bill got it right showed me what I was doing wrong and did not charge me for a thing... He spent a few hours getting all done but MAN It is nice to be able to talk with,see,and have someone there for you when I needed service.So if you would like to see your service tec. go to Sassy's computers This is the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!!!Thank you Bill !! .. I love your commercial !!! Funny and right to the point. If you need any kind of computer work done go to Sassy' will be glad you did
Richard M. -- May 9, 2012



Listen Up, Sassy!

I want to thank you for doing such great jobs with our computers! And, in such a timely way! It is particularly helpful because every time mine goes kaflooey! I have been doing something in the market which I need to keep tabs on several times a day.  So the quick service is really an asset! requerdos a todos!
Bill Ennalls -- February 17, 2012



Very Happy

If you need computer repair in Asheville this is the place to go. Fast, fair, and nice. Got my power supply fixed in one day while I waited. A good 480 watt one and the entire thing was only 133 dollars. Also made the inside better than it was before I went by moving around wires. VERY happy.
Daniel C. -- February 16, 2012




Extremely competent and FAST at very fair pricing! Was just short of performing the dreadful "reformat your computer" (and lose all your information) when I decided to go local.
They repaired the problem same day and returned the computer running better then ever! I would recommend this place with no reservations.
Bill R.
Well $300 later and my Puter is feeling Great. A shout out to Sassy's Computers for the same day service and being such great people to deal with. The $300 covered the work, all    back ups, reloading all my software, 2 each 4GB memory sticks, a anti-virus program and again should I say, same day service. You will be glad you chose these fine folks. Remember folks, check out the legitimacy of all transactions you come across on the web. I know this myself but this virus was slick and caught us all off guard. It is called XP Deluxe Protector. It has the semblance of the Microsoft Shield and uses pop ups to get your attention saying someone is trying to hack into your system and gaining personal information. It seems to work once you purchase the protection for about 24 hours then it kicks in and keeps restarting your computer. Thanks goodness that all that was corrupted beyond repair was a couple pictures. I guess we came out OK.
Until Next Time,

Nuevo Cuisine

Dear Bill, You and Nathan are THE BEST!  I just wanted to take a second and thank you for coming to our aide, once again,  last week when our point of sale system went down.  This is the fifth time this year that you had dropped everything at a moment’s notice to run over here to repair our computer system.  As you know, if you hadn’t helped us, we would not have been able to process our credit cards and would have lost business for the day.
We really appreciate you and feel like you’re an extension of our business as well as a great neighbor.  Again, much thanks to you and Nathan.
All the best,
Marco & Amy Garcia

Dear Sassy’s Computers,

Thank you very much for jumping in and providing a backup and reload for our OpenDoors HP laptop. The student who uses that computer for his curriculum is severely dyslexic, so any time lost is hard to make up for him. You made the down time virtually unnoticeable!
We very much appreciate the gift of your time and talents.
Jennifer Ramming -- February 17, 2011
Executive Director
OpenDoors of Asheville, Inc.
Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and your support is deeply appreciated. Tax id # 271543937

Thankfully I found Bill and Sassy’s early on

As a real-time broadcast captioner for more than a decade, retiring a few months ago, making air time was hugely important.  Also vitally important was that my email and IM system were up and running because this is how TV stations, clients, fellow captioners would communicate.  Bill Conkis, owner/proprietor of Sassy’s Computers, understood how dependent I was on my computer.  Without it, I was shut down.
Thankfully I found Bill and Sassy’s early on.  Real-time broadcast captioning was a new industry with very specific technical requirements.  He not only configured and built my redundant computer systems, but was there when I had a problem.  Often it was something he could solve by telephone.  If it was a software problem, he’d either solve it or tell me who to contact.  If it was a hardware problem that needed a hands-on computer expert, he or a Sassy’s employee would be present at my home studio working within that all-important “making air” parameter:  That included visits to my studio both before hours and after hours.  To have that kind of support contributed mightily to my ability to ably execute my work and professional reputation.
Sincerely yours,
L. Frye, RMR,CRR -- December 2, 2010
Registered Merit Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter

Business Development Corporation

Thank you for the excellent customer service I always receive when doing business with your firm. Regardless of the circumstance, you are “solution oriented” and have an amazing ability to get my computer equipment back up and running.
On every occasion I have been impressed with the quick turnaround time you offer your customers. By example, the work you did last week when I had to transfer data from one computer to a backup, you had completed the task the same day. As this has always been the case with your firm, I applaud you.
Keep up the good work and thank you for the attention and service you provide to us as a small business in the Asheville area.
Bob Kendrick

Dear Sassy’s Computers

We have been doing business with Sassy’s Computers for over 10 years.  Sassy’s was recommended to me by the head of the computer education and repair section of a large local U.S. Government agency. Suzi my wife and I have plagued Sassy’s from time to time with the problems of two to four computers.  And I have now been using the computer Sassy’s made for me, for the last three years, and every time we have had a problem with any of our computers, Sassy’s has successfully repaired it, and very quickly usually the same day.
Sassy’s has been in this business for many years and holds certifications of repair from Microsoft and other well known areas of professional institutes.  In addition, Sassy’s have taught courses in Computer Repair for professional repair people with the approbation of Microsoft.
I think that we as a community are quite fortunate to have the advantage of Bill Conkis’ long experience and immense technical knowledge.  Sassy’s Computers gets Suzi and my best regards and best wishes for their continued success.
B Ennalls Berl II

Sassy’s Computers

As a computer professional myself, I can honestly say that Sassy’s Computers is a top-notch shop.  I have been to Sassy’s a number of times for various parts and upgrades (hard drive, memory, etc.) and I have found their prices to be the best.  They are honest and they have demonstrated exceptional knowledge of both Windows and Mac systems.  The owner, Bill Conkis, greets every customer with a friendly attitude, and provides a wide range of services for a fair price.  The service rate has not increased since I have been doing business with them.  (Several years!) I am very pleased with this company.
Stefan C -- April 6, 2010

Thanks Sassy’s

I need a USB v2 card for my sister-in-laws Mac mini tower, I didn't have much time as it was Saturday afternoon, so we stopped by the store on my way back from her house. I had a 4 port USB card installed while I waited, the price was great and it did not take more than 15 minutes total! Thanks for the great service.
Chuck W.

Best computer repair in town

Recently my laptop had been getting slower and slower. Often times it would take up to 10 minutes just to get to my login screen. After looking around at local computer repair centers, I decided to give Sassy's a try. My main reason for this was their claims of very fast repairs. My work is rather dependent on this computer and I just could not be without it for long. Upon walking into the store I was greeted with a friendly face and a smile. Often times when I have had interactions with computer repair centers all I get an overworked employee who is more concerned with getting my money and my computer than listening to my problem and reassuring me I will be taken care of. The gentleman I worked with at Sassy's was friendly and really seemed to care about my issues. Once the computer was in their hands it was only a few hours before they called me with the diagnosis. It turns out my hard drive was bad and needed to be replaced. I was quoted a very fair price for backing up my information and putting in a new hard drive. The best news for me came just a few hours later when I was informed my computer was ready to pick up. We started it up in the store before I left and everything was just like new. I had not seen my computer perform that well in quite some time. Because of the excellent service I received I felt the need to spread the word. Sassy's Computers is the best computer repair center is all of Asheville.
Jim W.

Very Honest

I took two laptops and an external hard drive in for repair. Within a few minutes, the tech figured out that the damage to one was still covered under warranty. He advised that I could send it to the manufacturer for repair. Since I was unaware of the warranty provision, he could have repaired it himself but was honest to inform me. The second laptop needed more repair than I was willing to pay for. I did end up buying a replacement for my external hard drive. I'll take my repairs there next time too.
Nov 20, 2010

Excellent service, great prices

This computer shop is stocked with the essentials. The service turn-around time is the fastest in the area.
While I have not personally bought a computer there, I have browsed the prices for new computers and seen some really great deals. They also sell used computers and replacement parts.
Stefan -- 2010

 Dear Bill

     Thanks to you, my printer and download are in perfect working order.  I was surprised when there was no charge for the work  you did to get my printer working after I had messed it up.  This has happened at least once before, and I have now learned the value of doing business with local people who are experts in their field.  Buying a new computer from you is one of the best purchased decisions I have made.  I not only got a state-of-the-art computer with components of the highest quality, I also got an expert I can talk to anytime concerning technical problems.
     My experiences with a discount computer purchased from a chain store were quite the opposite.  When I had a problem, I had a long, long wait on the telephone before I was connected to someone (usually in India) who could never deal with my problems.  I spent a hundred bucks on this useless and inconvenient service, before I arrived at your door.  Sure, I saved a couple of hundred bucks buying a computer from a chain, but I didn’t get the quality I know I got from you, and I didn’t get a local expert to help me with my problems.  That’s worth a lot to me.
     You can count on my future business, and I will tell people I know about the quality of your products and your superior service.  When I ask you “Where is the operation manual for this computer?” , you replied, “I’m the manual.”  And you sure are.  Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement of your products and your services.  I appreciate your service after the sale, which has been priceless to me.
Allan Frank


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