Wireless Electricity

When it comes to computers and technology, there is always something new and exciting being invented. Some of the latest intriguing things are Google Glasses which are essentially a headset wearable computer or smart phone. Think of all of the functions that are available to you with your Tablet or Smartphone. The glasses gives the user the ability of taking pictures, looking up products or locations, map searches, Gps navigation, voice recognition or the use of any apps that are loaded. A similar new invention is the Google Contact lens for the eyes with Cameras built in. The versatility and features of these devices are unlimited. Just think about the kind of uses for law enforcement or the military. Application for example like facial recognition or a feature that will zoom giving the used a built-in set of Binocular or better yet Night Vision. One more innovation is the Samsung Watch which comparable to the above mentioned gadgets will be an extension of your smart phone or tablet on your wrist, Dick Tracey would be jealous. As amazing and unique as these devices are the one that caught my attention is Wireless Electricity. Whaaaaat? You may have seen some of the ads where a person takes their smart phone and lays it on a pad to charge it without any wires. We are talking about a world without wires. Your Computers, TVs, Appliances, Phones and Electric Cars just about anything that needs electricity to function will eventually be capable of using this type of technology or something very similar.

So how does this technology work? It works by Resonant Energy Transference, wirelessly. To simplify it, basically there are two coils of wire (with a capacitor) that are set to send and receive the same frequency. When the coils are made to resonant at the identical frequency they will produce an alternating current at a high rate. As soon as the coils are at the correct distance from each other they will transfer electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy to the other coil. The magnetic energy collected from the receiving coil is then transferred back into electricity.

Witricity Corporation is one of the leaders and pioneers in magnetic resonance technology they are now working with TDK Corporation who is a Global Electronics Manufacturer and provider of electronic components and systems that will globalize this new wireless technology. As new and astounding as this sounds the concept of wireless electricity is not new at all and is dated by almost one hundred and fifteen years ago as a result of Nikola Tesla Genius. Tesla in 1899 performed an incredible demonstration for J P Morgan and others when he illuminated two hundred light bulbs at a distance of about 26 miles wirelessly; a project that J. P. Morgan agreed to fund but later withdrew support of in 1906. Think about it, we could have all had free electricity worldwide, perhaps the “FREE” aspect was the reason for J.P. Morgan’s withdraw. Unlike Nikola Tesla’s 26 Mile demonstrations the current technology will be government reregulated to much lesser distances such as your wireless 802.11 IEEE standards that govern wireless networking transmissions used at your home and local free internet portals. So in the near future you will be able to hang your flat screen TV on any wall without those unsightly wires, run your phones, laptop, computers and appliances or drive you new hybrid car into the garage and it will charge itself as you park over the magnetic resonance charger embedded on the floor. Who knows maybe we will get that free electricity worldwide after all, electricity that will envelope the whole earth and maybe we could fly our planes that way as well.

Posted by Bill Conkis